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21st St. S. from Peoria Ave. to Lewis Ave.
Harvard Ave. from 61st St. S. to 51st St. S.
Riverside Dr. from 41st St. S. to 35th St. S.
21st St. S. and Utica intersection
31st St. S. and Harvard Ave. intersection
41st St. S. and Harvard Ave. intersection
Maintenance Zone 9029 (W): South side 24th Pl. / South side 29th St. / West side Peoria Ave. / West side Cincinnati Ave., Cincinnati Ave. and 29th Pl. from South side 29th St. to North side 30th St., West side of Boston Pl./ East side of Detroit Ave from South side 29th Pl. to North side 31st St. and 29th St and Detroit Ave.
Maintenance Zone 9029 (E): Utica Ave. from South side 21st St. to South side Terwilleger Blvd.
Maintenance Zone 9030: 22nd Pl. from 150' east of Atlanta Pl. to 200' east of Lewis Ave., Delaware Pl. from South side 22nd St. to North side 23rd St. S., Evanston Ave. and Delaware Pl. from North side 23rd St. to North side 25th St., Columbia Ave. from South side 23rd St. to North side 25th St., 25th St. from East side Lewis Ave. to 150' east of Evanston Ave., Delaware Pl., Delaware Ave. and Columbia Pl. from South side 25th St. to North side 26th St., North side 26th St. / North side 27th St. / East side Evanston Ave. / West side Columbia Pl., Evanston Ave. from North side 27th St. to North side 28th St., 27th Pl. from West side Evanston Ave. to East side Delaware Pl., 26th Pl. from West side Columbia Pl. to West side Birmingham Pl., Birmingham Pl. from South side 26th Pl. to North side 27th Pl., 27th Pl. and Birmingham Pl. from East side Lewis Ave. to North side 28th St., 30th St. from West side Birmingham Pl. to 300' west and 27th St. and Florence Ave. intersection
Maintenance Zone 9031: Jamestown Ave. from South side 28th St. to 150' south of South side of 29th St. including 29th St. intersection
Maintenance Zone 9036: Cincinnati Ave. cul de sac south of 37th St., North side 38th Pl. / South side 39th St. / West side Detroit Ave. / East side Riverside Dr., 39th St. from Norfolk Ave. to Owasso Ave. including the intersections of Norfolk Ave. and Owasso Ave., 37th St. from West side Victor Ave. to West side Yorktown Ave., Victor Ave. from South side 37th St. to South side 38th St., Wheeling Ave. from 37th St. south to dead ends, Zunis Ct. from South side 35th St. to North side 36th St. including 35th St. intersection, Intersections at 32nd Pl. and Yorktown Ave., 34th St. and Zunis Ave., 37th St. at Rockford Ave., 37th Pl. at Norfolk Ave. and at Rockford Ave., 38th St. at Norfolk Ave., 39th St. and Madison Ave. Int and Madison Ave. 100' north of 39th St. and 100' of 38th Pl. between Madison Ave. and Norfolk Ave.
Maintenance Zone 9037 : Gary Ct. cul de sac South of 31st St., 38th Pl. and Florence Ave. from South side 38th St. to North side 41st St. and 39th St. from West side Florence Ave. to the West side of the cul de sac including the cul de sac
Maintenance Zone 9038: Indianapolis Ave. from South side 38th St. to North side 39th St. and 38th Pl. from West side Yale Ave. to East side Toledo Ave.
Maintenance Zone 9043: 42nd Pl. south to 43rd St. from East side Peoria Ave. to 150' west of Rockford Pl., Rockford Ave. from South side 42nd Pl. to North side 43rd St., 43rd St. from West side Victor Ave. to East side Oak Rd. including the intersections of 43rd St with Wheeling Ave. and with Oak Rd., 45th Pl. from East side Rockford Ave. to West side St. Louis Ave., 45th Pl. from East side Madison Pl. to West side Peoria Ave., Yorktown Pl.- 48th St. cul de sac south of 47th St., 45th Pl. cul de sac southwest of Victor Ave. and Intersections of 46th St. and Detroit Ave., 45th Ct. and Detroit Ave. and 45th Pl. and Madison Pl.
Maintenance Zone 9044: Florence Ave. from North side 47th St. north to the end of the cul de sac and 46th St. from the West side of Florence Ave west to the end of the cul de sac
Maintenance Zone 9045: North side 43rd St. / North side 45th St. / East side Sandusky Ave. / East side Pittsburg Ave.
Maintenance Zone 9049: South side I-44 Skelly Dr. / South side 53rd St. / East side Detroit Ave. / East side Riverside Dr. and Detroit Ave. from the South side 53rd St. to North side 54th St.
Bridge Replacement, Bridge No. 228– 3200 S. Riverside Dr
61st Street South - Riverside Parkway to Peoria Avenue/61st Street South and Peoria Avenue Intersection Improvements
Maintenance Zone 9045: Patrick Henry Blks 13 - 23 / Saddlelane: E. 41st St. S. / E. 46th St. S. / Pittsburg Ave. / Louisville Ave.
Riverside Drive: 61st St S to 56th St S
Maintenance Zone 9029W: Sunset Park / Sunset Park 3rd : E. 21st St. S. / E. 24th Pl. S. / Peoria Ave. / Cincinnati Ave.
Maintenance Zone 9036: Utica Ave. / 31st St. S. to 41st St. S. / 36th St. S./ Utica Ave. to Lewis Ave.
Maintenance Zone 9045 / 7045: 45th St. S. / 46th St. S. / Toledo Ave. / Pittsburg Ave.
Maintenance Zone 9049W: Houstonia Homesites: 54th St. S. to 56th St. S. / Peoria Ave. to Madison Ave. / Broadview Heights/ Broadview Heights 2nd: 60th St. S. to 61st St. S. / Peoria Ave. to Madison Ave. / Madison Ave. from 58th St. S. to 60th St. S.
Maintenance Zone 9050: Lewis Court Addn. / Columbia Terrace Sec. A / Bethel Union Hts. / Villa Grove Gardens: 53rd St. S. from Lewis Ave. to Delaware Pl. / Resub Columbia Terrace Sec. 2nd: Atlanta Ave. from 52st St. S. to 53rd St. S.
41st St S-Riverside Dr to Lewis
Lewis-41st St S to 31st St S
Lewis-31st St S to 21st St S
Yale-36th St S to 31st St S
Peoria Ave. from 31st St. S. to 51st St. S. intersection
Bridge 258 21st St. S. over Arkansas River
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City of Tulsa / District 9 / Zone 9029